Descriptions of the best gun and washer wand in Industrial high pressure Water jet

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Pressure washing, also called power washing, omit dirt and stain from surfaces and also increase the beauty of the environment. Moreover it reduces allergies.  Its performance is further enhanced by the use of pressure washer guns and wands that can be used a longer distance and suitable spray width and angle. But, choosing the best pressure washer gun and wand that can satisfy you with the result can sometimes be confusing.

Performance of gun in water jets

As a description of gun for high pressure water jets it is is a tool that works and it is connected to the exit hose of the pressure washer. It works as a switch or door that lets the water to go through it when you squeeze on its trigger or handle.


Different types of guns based on the final usage of the high pressure water jet and the important factors for choosing washer wand are mentioned in the following.

Weep Gun

This gun allows water to come out even the gun is not squeezed. This prevents water to go back to the pump. Also in case of cold weather, water doesn’t freeze in the hose. But it is not suggested as a daily use.

Dump Gun

This type is like the previous one; however, it has got two tubes in which one of them allows water to come out more slowly.

To choose the best gun, it is important to pay attention to its handle and be sure that it is comfortable and easy to use.

Washer Wand

Other important thing that affects the performance of high pressure water jets is its lance. Type, length, material and flexibility have a great influence on the power of the water jet. For example, when you are cleaning a surface far away you or above your head you need a longer lance.


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