Industrial vacuum cleaner is leading in professional cleaning

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Industrial vacuum cleaners are designed for special applications and special occasions. The main difference between industrial and household suckers is the optimum performance of industrial vacuum cleaners over their domestic type and high power. The structure of an industrial vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner is its durability and is usually made of steel and sometimes painted with protective coating to increase the resistance of the body to harsh working conditions. The engines used in these suckers should be small and as powerful as possible in order to prevent overload and having industrial vacuum cleaners with high suction power. In most cases, these types of suckers are reinforced with plastic wheels to allow the device to move smoothly on any surfaces.

Generally these suckers are designed to guarantee the following

High quality and effective cleaning performance

High performance when used over long periods

Reduce overall costs due to reduced manpower needed for cleaning, waste reduction, increased service life of equipment and increasing in product quality

High filtration power for filtration of fine and powder particles due to their special filters (HEPA and Yulpa) with 99.99% particulate filtration power
High safety even in environments prone to explosion

Important Factors When Buying an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

When purchasing these types of industrial vacuum cleaners and high-power vacuum cleaners, the following questions should always be answered in order to select a device that is suitable for end use

Is it used for the suction of dangerously fine-grained powder particles and is associated with other devices at the same time
Is the suction machine used for waste suction and hot materials and ash
Are suckers used in hygienic environments or clean rooms
Is the ultimate use of a vacuum cleaner for areas that require a large amount of water to suck
Simultaneous use of suckers with other equipment

Industrial suckers can be used in combination with other electrical appliances such as drills, razors, cutting blades and more. Various tools are commonly used in factories, workshops and buildings under construction
According to international standards, the device has different types of filtration depending on the type of soil and dust and can be graded

However, filters classified in industrial suction machines alone cannot guarantee the level of safety required by international standards, and other important features related to proper pollution collection bags, filtration-compliant engines and durable device structure

If the particles and contamination are flammable, the filter type must be of the Atex model and the best type of toxic and hazardous material is the use of disposable bags. In addition to the primary filter, hygienic environments also use a different filter to collect fine particles and prevent them from returning to the environment
With regard to the use of industrial vacuum cleaners for workplaces containing fine particles, it is important to note that in order to be environmentally susceptible to explosion or ignition, an industrial vacuum cleaner should be used. Also, to clean and suck hot contaminants, the sucker must be heat resistant

Tips for this type of industrial sucker include the use of resistant motors, plus a suction hose made from a combination of new and innovative materials to provide sufficient resistance to contact with hot materials. The anti-heat suction and accessories of the vacuum cleaner enhance the speed and safety of the machine without having to wait for the machine to cool down and thus optimize performance
When cleaning surfaces, the sucker prevents dust and contaminants from spreading to the environment, resulting in extremely clean, comfortable and healthy conditions

The last thing to note is the ergonomic, compact design of the device that increases its maneuverability and even the ability to use it in low-latency locations
In summary, the following considerations are required when choosing a vacuum cleaner

Requirements for an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Extra accessories for industrial suckers
Each of these can be used to different environments


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