Unrivaled floor scrubber in surface washing

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Stepping into an environment is associated with the transmission of pollution through the soles of shoes, and in public and busy places such as shopping malls, factories, hospitals, training centers, etc., with increasing traffic, the level of pollution on the ground will increase. . It doesn’t matter how the ground is, whether it is smooth or uneven and porous, whether it is stone or concrete and any other flooring, it is necessary to clean and wash them. The cleaning process should be done in such a way that, like the old methods, it completely removes the contamination from the environment and not transfers it from one part to another. Undoubtedly, the industrial scrubber machine or industrial floor cleaner brings us to this goal in the best way.

Industrial cleaning for improving health and cleanliness

With proper and efficient industrial cleaning machines such as industrial floor cleaners, time and energy will be saved when cleaning the environment. Sometimes the appearance of a floor looks clean, while the surface still has mass and dirt due to gaps and gaps, but this problem will be solved by using industrial floor washing because its brushing system It can remove the most stubborn contamination from seams and grooves, and we need to think about whether or not a typical T can perform such a function.

How to get more hygiene with floor scrubber dryer

Now we want to know what is the difference between the structure and performance of conventional tires and industrial cleaning? In fact, floor scrubber dryer machines are mechanized machines that consist of three parts: brushing, drying, and separate tanks. Due to the existence of two independent tanks, only clean water is used in the washing cycle and the water is consumed by the dryer system (suction) and the pollution is collected and transferred to the dirty water tank. In this way, unlike the bucket method, the contamination will not spread in the environment and will be completely eliminated.

The industrial floor washing machine offers deep and hygienic washing and can reduce the operating time of the operator and help improve efficiency and productivity. It also allows you to use a highly engineered and advanced tool for a specific job.

The industrial floor washing machine removes dust, oil and grease, lime, etc., and at the same time has a gentle and environmentally friendly function, so that it does not cause any damage to polished and sensitive floors.

wash the floor with an industrial floor cleaner

Every environment in which a person lives, works, buys, is educated, treated and generally present, definitely needs to be cleaned in various aspects and the floor surfaces in it from Whatever it is, it must be clean and hygienic. Industrial washing with industrial floor washing has a tremendous effect on the cleanliness of surfaces, which indicates the reason for the investment of organizations and jobs in these products.


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