innovative AlphaSplit trolley

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Filmop is one of the largest manufacturers of manual cleaning equipment for the production of professional products. The company is constantly striving to deliver products with optimal performance and unique quality to world markets, and has achieved tremendous success in this regard. Types of trolley and manual cleaning tools are one of Filmop’s most important products and includes a wide range of diverse products.

New AlphaSplit Trolley

The AlphaSplit trolley is one of the latest products developed at the filmop factory, produced in an environmentally friendly manner. This trolley is made of recyclable plastic material, the raw materials of which are obtained through selected and approved suppliers. The filmop’s continuous attention to environmental conservation is evident, and among the similar products in the market, this difference in products is easily recognizable and the PSV certification confirms this allegation.

Innovative AlphaSplit trolley

The newest Alphasplit trolley models are designed to fit the least space and are actually optimized in terms of structure and dimensions. In addition, the new design focuses on reducing the volume of cleaning activities. The new AlphaSplit trolley has an innovative design consisting of a 90-liter waste chamber, drawer, T and a 58 x 86 cm cabinet holder. Due to these features, garbage collecting, tweaking, dusting and moving the tool are performed simultaneously. The coherent structure of the trawl allows for the cleaning of areas that are difficult to access, such as corridors, elevators, small rooms, and more.

User friendly design

Other unique features of the filmop company can be focused on the production of ergonomic and user-friendly products. In order to maintain the physical state of the user, an innovative system called push-bar is on the AlphaSplit trolley. The system includes a customizable buckle that the user can take to guide the trolley and, with the possibility of adjusting the angle to 180 degrees, the user can adjust it to fit his height and physical conditions.


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