Scrubber maintenance and repair

۱۴ اسفند ۱۳۹۸

Floor scrubbers are designed and built for years, the scrubber has become more complete and advanced over time. These floor scrubber machines all have brushes for rinsing, a squeegee to collect water and contaminants, a suction motor for water suction, as well as two separate tanks for clean water and dirty water. Before using the scrubber, the user must learn how to use it. Due to the simplicity of their operation, no sophisticated training is required and only a few simple tips can be used. It should also be noted that the maintenance of these devices also includes tips that can prevent damage to parts and the entire device as well as extend its service life.


Scrubber dryer maintenance methods and troubleshooting

Proper inspection and maintenance of shoe devices can eliminate simple problems and prevent serious damage. Proper use and inspection of the device before each use can prevent loss of quality and efficiency of the device. Some components, such as brushes, squeegee, and batteries (in battery-powered models) are consumable parts that should be checked after use and replaced if necessary. The time of replacement of consumable parts depends on the amount of use, the volume of contamination, the type of surface, and how the device is used. These surveys can also be done with a tutorial. But if serious problems arise, it is important to discuss the after-sales service with the device vendor company. For this reason it should be noted when purchasing the machine that it must have after-sales service and spare parts and replacements. For an initial scrubber review, the application can check for issues where possible. In this case you should also contact the supplier company as some operations on the machine may be out of warranty.

1- No quality wash

2- Keep water on the surface after washing

3- Lack of proper water distribution

4- Errors in fast and accurate movement of the device


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