Introducing Scrubber Battery Types and Getting to Know Its Charging Principles

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Scrubbers are mechanized cleaning equipment that uses brushes and cleaning solution to clean the floor surfaces. The scrubber dryer system, including a squeegee, vacuum motors, and fittings, is responsible for collecting and transporting contaminants to the recovery tank. Each part of the suction motor and brush motor and other parts of the control unit require a power supply. The scrubber dryer is often supplied by direct current or battery. Batteries for scrubbers are acid or gel type. Batteries in all models have proper maintenance and charging principle that should be taken into account. This article examines the types of industrial scrubber batteries and how they normally charged.

battery types

batteries are often available in acid or gel models. Gel batteries do not require regular inspection and maintenance and have high recharge power. In contrast, acid batteries with a long history of 160 years of design and production are also used for battery scrubbers. Lead-acid batteries, AGM sealed batteries and gel batteries are used in various industrial floor scrubber models.

Lead-acid battery

12V lead-acid batteries are often used in the construction of battery-powered floor scrubbers. This type of battery is one of the best choices for applications where long runtime is needed. These batteries show reliable and consistent performance. The problem with these batteries, however, is that they require regular battery watering. It should be noted that the cost of buying lead-acid batteries is lower than other batteries.

Sealed acid Battery

The AGM acid sealed battery is a good option for short-lived applications. In this type of batteries, the need to add and check distilled water has been eliminated. As a result, there is no risk of hand contact and other user bodies with an acid such as a lead-acid battery. These batteries are short-lived and cost more than acid batteries.

Gel battery

Gel battery is the best option for short run time applications. The gel battery, like the sealed acid battery, does not require any maintenance. These types of batteries are often a little expensive than other ones. The benefits of this type of battery are the long life of the gel battery, the need for a specific maintenance plan.

Principles of Charging the battery

There are a few important points to regularly scrubber battery charging. These tips are needed to increase battery life, and reduce costs.

battery charge

If the scrubber has been used for more than 15 minutes during the day, charge the battery before using it later and at the end of the process. This will increase battery life.

Incomplete charging

Incomplete Battery Charging means charging the battery in a short time without a full charge. This can affect battery life and should be avoided.

Charging cycle

Charging acid batteries more than once over 24 hours reduces battery life. So do not charge scrubber acid batteries more than once a day.


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