Religious places and carpet cleaner machine

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Religious places, including mosques, shrines, prayer halls, husseiniyahs, etc., face a large number of visitors and every day. The ratio of the number of people who attend an environment is directly related to the amount of Contamination transmitted to that place. so these places must be cleaned daily and carefully. Since carpets and rugs are the most important and main flooring in religious places, the use of carpet cleaner machine in these places is a very specialized and at the same time necessary tool for washing carpets and rugs.

The importance of using carpet cleaner machine in religious places

Due to the high importance of religious places and the presence of many people in the absence of continuous cleaning, these places are prone to become a place of accumulation and transmission of pollution. Dust, large and small contaminants, various stains, all trapped in the fibers of carpets and rugs, in addition to creating an ugly appearance, become a refuge for pathogens. On the other hand, the size of the environment and overcrowding may affect the cleaning operation, so the specialized cleaning devices provide the possibility to perform this operation in a principled and accurate manner in addition to specifying the cleaning process. Undoubtedly, carpet and rug cleaner machine is one of the most important of these equipment.

what is a carpet cleaner machine?

The use of mechanized cleaning devices, in addition to saving time and optimizing the use of water and detergents, is to perform cleaning operations in a completely mechanized, accurate and principled manner. Equipped with three main parts, including suction system, spray and brush system, the carpet cleaner machine, while deeply washing collects the remaining contaminated water, so that prevents water from penetrating into the fibers and damaging the carpet.

Steps to perform cleaning operations

The steps for washing carpets with this specialized device are:

. It is essential to check the access of the power cable when using this device.

. Emptying the environment as much as possible before cleaning operations can be effective in accelerating operation.

. By connecting the device to the power cable and spraying water and detergent from the spry system, the cleaning operation begins.

. Rotating the roller brush removes even the deepest contaminants from the carpet and rug layers.

. Simultaneously with washing the contaminated water, it is collected by the suction system of the device and enters the device’s dirty water tank.


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