How to use cinema upholstery cleaner machine

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Cinemas are one of the most important and popular public places, which are visited by many people almost every hour of the day. People who have come to cinemas for leisure time and without a doubt one of the most important elements in their eyes is the cleanliness of the cinema hall. Not many people want to spend their free time in an environment full of various pollutants. Since the seats of the cinema and theater halls in the group are the most used and in case of not paying enough attention  they can be the most polluted parts, it is very important to pay attention to cleaning them. Today, you can easily wash a large number of seats with mechanized devices such as upholstery cleaner machine.

The importance of cleaning the seats in the cinema

Various contaminants, including old and fixed stains, can penetrate the seat fibers and, in addition to creating an unpleasant appearance, create a place for the accumulation and transmission of disease agents from one person to another. In addition, these contaminants can reduce the life of the chair by damaging the furniture and thus require a high cost to replace or repair them. However, by using the cinema Upholstery Cleaner machine, all these problems can be easily solved.

What is a Upholstery Cleaner machine?

The sofa washer is a specialized device for horizontal and vertical washing of furniture, which is equipped with separate clean and dirty water tanks, a compressor and a vacuum cleaner for collecting contaminated water left after washing. One of the usual problems when cleaning furniture in the traditional way is to prepare a solution with the right concentration, because if the solution is diluted, the detergent will penetrate the seat fibers and the washing will not be done with proper quality. But by using the sofa show, this problem can be solved forever. Foam produced with a suitable coating on the surface of the furniture solves various types of contamination including old and fixed stains. These contaminants are then collected by the suction system of the device, thus preventing the infiltration of the contaminants into the seat fibers while the furniture dries quickly.


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