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Columbus is a manufacturer of mechanized cleaning equipment with the aim of providing high quality products. The company has based its motto and business philosophy on high quality cleanliness and declares that cleanliness is more than just a requirement. These include product development goals and customer service. The desire to provide devices and services, and to better serve our customers, has led the company to develop innovative equipment. In other words, the motto of the company is as follows: Clean is our attitude and is the result of quality.

Creativity, engineering and focus

Moving forward is the company’s primary goal, not just a path, so it focuses on the essentials. What are the innovations that solve real problems? How can they be implemented without making the machine weak and fragile? Engineering science will be the best answer to these questions, and Columbus, using the capabilities of engineers and specialists, will simplify existing solutions to make manufacturing machinery stronger and more sustainable.

High quality materials and durable machines

The company admits: “We can explain a lot about how we work, but it won’t be necessary because the quality of our products reflects everything.” The high quality of floor scrubber dryer and other cleaning equipment manufactured by this company comes from its robust structure, high quality components and professional assembly.

Environmentally friendly

One of Columbus’s major goals is to protect the environment, so it has made use of its product engineering, especially floor scrubber dryer machine from recycled materials. Smart systems, high-quality gearboxes, reduced power consumption, and so on are some of the parameters that make floor scrubber dryer optimum and extend the life of this machine. The durability and quality of the floor scrubber dryer and other products made by the company have been used for many years and do not need to be abandoned early. As such, they can be described as environmentally friendly.


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