industrial vacuum cleaner for semi processed and confectionery

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In the confectionery and semi-prepared food industries there are the same guidelines that must be followed in order to achieve the best quality. Precise balancing techniques, excellent raw material quality, keeping temperature constant during the manufacturing and processing process, product control, product integrity, food safety against external contamination, and final product packaging quality are among these guidelines. are. Adhering to these regulations in the right way brings these industries to their intended ends, and using advanced equipment such as industrial vacuum cleaner can be an effective and safe solution for the food industry.

Reduce waste and contaminate the product line with industrial vacuum cleaner

Factories and workshops of confectionery and semi-finished materials are highly susceptible to contamination and waste, and their presence in the environment always creates problems:

Employee Risk of Injury: A Permanent Risk

The final quality of the products also depends on the staff conditions and safety conditions

Risk of slippage due to leakage and spilling of material on the surface

Manually removing contaminants is harmful to the health of operators

?How does an industrial vacuum cleaner make fast production in the semi products

There are similar problems in the manufacturing industry due to the different materials in the production lines that vary depending on the product. The most difficult products to manage and control are:

Light and volatile materials such as flour


Fat like cocoa and dairy

Fragile substances such as hazelnuts, almonds and …

Blocking agents such as milk powder

And easier-to-manage products:

Dry ingredients such as dried fruits

Sugar and rice

Disposal of the finished product or raw materials: At each stage of the food production and processing process, a percentage of the product is lost and the costs of wasting these materials are not properly measured. It is estimated that this amount of material waste will affect 1 to 3% of the final cost of the finished products. This percentage increases in factories and workshops that are constantly operating. The collection of materials using industrial vacuum cleaners enables the recovery of lost products.

?What materials are collected with industrial vacuum cleaners

An industrial vacuum cleaner is used to collect various materials such as powders, liquids, types of grains, etc. Industrial vacuum cleaners are used in various sectors of the food industry such as confectionery, semi-finished products, ice cream and dairy products, chocolate production and so on.

?Why is an industrial vacuum cleaner being chosen for the confectionery and semi-finished products
Easy-to-use, low maintenance costs, high quality and performance are the most important advantages of industrial vacuum cleaners that make it possible to use them in a variety of industries, including the food industry. The sucked material is collected in an industrial vacuum cleaner tank, and depending on the type of material and working environment, it can be returned to the production cycle, and if the sucked material is discarded, the machine tank can easily be removed from the body. Isolated and shipped to evacuation site.


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