Ebrahim is participation in the construction exhibition and introduction of the first Iranian CITY STREET SWEEPER

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۲۴ اسفند ۱۳۹۸

Exhibitions are an opportunity for various investors, creators and companies to showcase their new products and services and introduce enthusiasts and activists in the field. Construction workshops also held workshops aimed at introducing companies active in the field of construction and construction, presenting new products and technologies in this sector. This exhibition was held from February 2 to 5.


Presentation of the first Iranian CITY STREET SWEEPER in the exhibition

Ebrahim co. participated in the construction exhibition to host enthusiasts and activists in the field and unveiled its new devices. Ebrahim Company, which has always been a supporter of domestic products, has succeeded in producing Iranian products, including urban vacuum, using the country’s capabilities and the use of modern technologies and observing international standards. The sweeper, one of the most widely used urban cleaners, was localized by Abraham and was first presented at the exhibition. In addition to sweeper, Ebrahim also presented its Iranian scrubber at the fair, built to European standards. The construction exhibition can be a good platform for presenting such advanced and industrial devices in urban planning and utilities. It has the most sophisticated urban vacuum cleaner and can work well for cleaning urban areas, industrial areas and large environments with high levels of pollution. An Iranian scrubber along with an urban broom is another product offered by Ibrahim at a construction exhibition. A scrubber or shoe cleaner is another popular cleaning machine in different environments, so it was introduced at the exhibition.


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