dangerous aspects of aluminium dust

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Aluminium is one of the most widely used metals in various industries including packaging for the food industry to the aerospace industry. The high ductility and toughness of aluminium have led to numerous uses of this metal. Depending on the need, the properties of this metal can be changed in different ways. However, when it is present as dust or particles, the conditions are quite different. Aluminum dust is flammable and can be hazardous. The use of industrial vacuum cleaner for these particles is the ideal solution to deal with these dangerous particles.

Aluminum dust is flammable

massive blocks and pieces of aluminum have a thin layer of oxide that hinders oxygen diffusion and prevents chemical reactions. But aluminum dust tends to heat up and thus burn very easily. As a result, the biggest mistake is to consider aluminum as a safe material.

The 5 most dangerous aspects of aluminum dust

Here are five important tips for working with aluminum for employees in the metal-related areas. Staff dealing with the metalwork in the manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical and construction industries.

Aluminum metal dust reacts easily with oxygen at room temperature. Therefore, almost any workplace that deals with aluminum should consider safety plans to prevent accidents. The use of an explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner is a good safety solution as a security plan.
Aluminum fine dust
The smaller the aluminum particles and dust, the greater the risk of explosion or fire. Usually, particles smaller than 100 microns are considered dangerous particles. Anyone working in a pharmaceutical lab uses aluminum oxide. As a result, an industrial vacuum cleaner with a strong filtration system in these environments should be used to prevent hazards.
The danger of larger particles
Large aluminum particles are even more dangerous. Because the speed of combustion of these particles is higher. Larger-sized aluminum particles combine with smaller particles, resulting in a more intense explosion. Therefore, the risk of stacking larger particles should also be addressed by choosing the right industrial vacuum cleaner.
Percentage of oxygen
If the oxygen content in the atmosphere is between 10 and 15 percent, the fire will spread faster. Higher concentrations of oxygen can cause a more severe explosion. Certainly, it’s easier to prevent dust buildup than switching to oxygen! Therefore, using an explosive-proof industrial vacuum cleaner can reduce explosive aluminum dust and make the environment safe.
Aluminum heat release
Aluminum in contact with water releases heat and hydrogen. Therefore, the lowest accumulation of aluminum dust can become a source of heat, resulting in an explosion. If it is not possible to mix aluminum and water, you can use a system of ATEX certified industrial vacuums.


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