scrubber dryer versus a mop

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Floor levels play an important role in all jobs, but what does this mean? How can the ground level affect a business? Undoubtedly, the physical appearance of the work environment directly affects the perception and experience of customers. Keeping the floor clean is a great way to improve the customer’s initial understanding of the business, along with the need for increased environmental safety. In recent years a large number of factories, industrial centers, treatment centers and commercial office complexes have been built that have become a serious and important process of cleaning and cleaning. In such a situation, a bucket of water and t can no longer make the surfaces as desirable and clean as possible, thereby replacing traditional floor scrubber dryer.

 Time of floor washing is reduced

Each person cleans 350 to 450 square meters per hour using traditional tools on average, while industrial floor scrubber dryer wash 1000 to 10,000 square meters per hour according to the type of spacecraft. Give.

Do not re-use dirty water floor scrubber dryer

The transmission of contamination to the environment by dirty t must be stopped. The floor scrubber dryer unit has a suction system and an isolated dirty water tank, which is collected and sent to the tank at the same time as the water is washed and the contamination remaining. When washing clean water or detergent solution, spray on the foam brush and actively clean the floor surfaces.

Scrubber eliminates needed time for drying

If managers or service providers have concerns about the slippage of those present in the environment, that concern can easily be eliminated by a floor scrubber dryer . In many places, such as commercial complexes, offices, organizations, hospitals, etc., one cannot expect the ground to dry up and there must be conditions for customers and employees to walk on the ground without fear; Safety is one of the top priorities for business owners.

Washing operation is more easier

Using the old buckets and t-shirts, the t-shirts must be constantly twisted and folded and the bucket repeatedly filled and empty, which is an undesirable and inefficient process. Easy filling of clean water tanks and easy discharge of dirty water tanks are one of the most important advantages of industrial shoe machines.

Improve facility image 

Beauty in every environment has its own meaning and cleanliness is considered one of the most important instances of beauty. Therefore, if the environment, for example, beauty centers, is of double importance, the use of floor scrubber dryer will be the best solution for providing a high quality and eye-catching clean.


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