healthcare and hospital floor scrubber dryer

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It is imperative to clean hospitals and medical centers and rehabilitation to achieve the ultimate in hygiene, reduce infectious diseases and all kinds of hospital infections. At such centers, routine cleaning alone is not enough and the disinfection process needs to be done in the proper way. In order to meet the standards of hygiene in all hospitals, clinics, elderly and disabled sanctuaries and so on, at least daily cleaning needs to be done. Speed, accuracy and quality are among the factors that determine the level of hygiene and hygiene that are considered in cleaning and disinfecting the surface, sanitary facilities, hospital equipment, walls, etc. For this purpose, mechanized cleaning machines such as floor scrubber dryer are used not as a decorative tool but as a vital element in hospitals.

Healthcare floor scrubber dryer

The floor scrubber dryer machine is an industrial floor cleaner that, with innovative technologies and ease of use, offers effective performance in hospitals and other medical centers. The variety of design and production of floor scrubber dryer is very high and there is a shoe for every need, so the various parts of the hospital, such as waiting rooms, corridors, departments, inpatient rooms and operating rooms are easily washed. Since cleanup operations are a continuous and continuous operation and must be performed several times a day, human resources will be continuously operating which can cause severe physical injury to these people, however. It’s simple and easy to operate industrial floor scrubber dryer that’s not possible with traditional methods.

Usage of hospital floor scrubber dryer is : Hospital, Clinic, Polyclinic, Sanatorium, Rehabilitation centers

Benefits of Cleaning the Hospitals with a Shoe Washing Machine

– Reduce nosocomial infections, improve health conditions and create overall health in the environment

Save on cleaning costs and service related costs

No nuisance for patients

 Improve the indoor air quality of the hospital

Reduce detergent consumption

 Reduced risk of landslides and falls due to rapid drying of the floor

Prevent the increase in ambient humidity levels

High quality and performance and save time

Easy-to-use ergonomic design


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