hot pressure washer for deep cleaning and disinfiction

۲۰ اسفند ۱۳۹۸

Industrial cleaning is a very important and effective process, and when it comes to industrial cleaning, we need to know that we are dealing with something completely different from regular household cleaning. Industrial washing involves deep peeling, deep massaging, de-sedimentation and disinfection, and is a key point in its application methods for stability and non-damage to the initial surface. Among industrial cleaning methods, high pressure washing with an industrial pressure washer is a very successful method that has been applied in numerous fields in numerous fields. Industrial pressure washer transforms hot water as one of the advanced cleaning equipment for industrial cleaning and washing.

The effect of heat on cleanliness

Heat and heat are an important factor in the cleaning process and accelerate the process of eliminating hard masses as well as germs. Heat increases the speed of chemical reactions, making it harder to get rid of contaminants. High pressure water flow in cold-water devices will impinge on the contaminated surface of the mechanical force, which can be strong enough to eliminate contamination. If these contaminants are oily or need to be disinfected, hot water should be used instead of cold water.

Industrial hot pressure washer water structure

The difference between high pressure water heaters and cold water is their heating system. The hot water heater is fitted with an integrated water heater that immediately heats the water flowing into the boiler as soon as it is turned on. The hot water jacket can also be used as a cold water jacket and steamer. It also has the capability of producing hot water vapor.

Disinfect and eliminate germs

One of the important features of industrial hot water heaters is the elimination of germs and the disinfection of contaminated surfaces. This method of disinfection does not require disinfectants and will be sufficient in many health cases. Food industries, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, etc. can use hot water car washes to disinfect their tanks and facilities.


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