Industrial design for scrubber dryer

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Industrial scrubbers dryers are one of the most widely used cleaning equipment in industrial and commercial areas. These scrubbers are designed and marketed by various manufacturers from reputable brands worldwide. The design style and technologies used in each part of the scrubber are based on innovative ideas and for definite reasons. The industrial design style is a term used to refer to the type of design intended for a floor scrubber. In the article, we will describe the concept of industrial scrubber design and explains the industrial scrubber design style.

What is the scrubber dryer?

A scrubber dryer is a cleaning machine that is used for washing and drying the dirty floor. The scrubber dryer cleans the floor without the need for a lot of user and effort. The scrubber has one or two cleaning brushes that rotate on the surface and with the help of a cleaning solution, make the surface free of contamination and mass. Another important part of this machine is the drying system. The system collects water and contaminants from the surface using a squeegee and vacuum motor and dries the surface completely.

What is Industrial Design

Contrary to a common misconception, Industrial Designers don’t design factories. Instead, these designers combine creativity and artistic skill to deliver a product with a functional design to solve user problems. Well-designed scrubbers provide a more enjoyable and easier customer experience.

How does the id team solve the customer problem?

The ID team most heavily contributes at the very beginning of the product development process. The team first understand what issues and parts are important to the customer, and then offers solutions for ease of use and efficiency of the scrubber dryer. Also, the industrial design incorporates cohesion and aesthetic considerations.

What is the process of designing a new product at Tennant Company?

This process begins with researching and receiving feedback from customers and service providers. After conducting field research, the industrial design team evaluates the surveys to find the needs. Different ideas have finally become a good idea to be implemented. The new idea is tested and finally commercially applied to the new floor scrubber.

Explain an example of creating a solution based on the customer problem

One simple example would be the rear accessory rails that the Tennant developed for walk-behind and ride-on scrubbers. Many of the customers were having trouble collecting the waste they saw on the clean-up route. Some scrubber users hung a bag in front of the machine on the control console to collect the waste. As a result, the Tennant industrial design team developed an idea based on which hooks were installed behind the floor scrubber. These hooks were used locally to hold a variety of extra user-friendly items such as spray bottles and wet floor signs and solved the user’s problem. This simple solution ensures performance safety and better meets the needs of the client and the scrubber user.


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