more hygiene by floor scrubber dryer

۲۷ اسفند ۱۳۹۸

Health means actions that are taken to maintain the health of all human beings, which are said to be conditions that help maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases and promote personal hygiene, body cleanliness, environmental cleanliness. Work, life, and avoidance are all pathogens. Health has a broad meaning, not just physical appearance. Everyone should take care of their bodies and clothes throughout the day and take necessary steps to clean all kinds of work and business environments. One of the important ways to maintain a healthy work environment is to scrub the floor using a floor scrubber dryer . Manual surface cleaning can only clean the surface and, like the scrubber, cannot help with hygiene. But what industrial shoe has the ability to deliver environmental health?

 Brushing system of floor scrubber dryer

Each floor scrubber dryer unit is equipped with one or two brushes based on the dimensions and capacity of these brushes, which have direct contact with the ground surface and their rotational motion separates the surface contaminants. Brushes are select able based on surface characteristics and include soft, standard and rough models. The mechanical shoe brush removes hard and deep contaminants by mechanical force, and unlike traditional methods of achieving greater cleanliness, there is no need for excessive use of water and detergents.

Suction system

One of the most striking differences compared to traditional methods is the suction system. It consists of a suction motor, a rubber tire and a suction hose that collects contaminants while washing and does not allow them to remain in the environment. The presence of a sucker system in the floor scrubber dryer provides a great deal of environmental health.

Separate tanks

The industrial flooring has a reservoir for keeping clean water or a detergent solution that is used throughout the wash. On the other hand, another reservoir independent of the clean water tank is embedded in the apparatus, which is where the contaminated water accumulates and in fact does not allow it to re-enter the wash cycle.


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