New Scrubber dryers from Columbus company

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Columbus has been manufacturing a variety of cleaning equipment, such as scrubbers and industrial vacuum cleaners, for several years. This company has a special skill in designing simple and applicable industrial scrubbers and creates changes and diversity in its products every few years. In this regard, some scrubber models have been upgraded and presented in a more professional and ergonomic shape and design. Another move by Columbus is the production of new industrial scrubbers. In this regard, at the beginning of 2020, two industrial scrubbers RA85BM90 and ARA100BM200 entered the market. More details about this cleaning equipment are provided below.

ARA100BM200 automatic scrubber

One of the two new products from Columbus is the ARA100BM200 floor scrubber. This is a higher-end 100BM150 scrubber cleaner that has a much larger tank for moving and carrying clean, dirty water. The company’s new scrubber is used to perform heavy operations in high-hard industrial environments with a large volume of contaminants. This ride-on industrial scrubber has separate 200 liter water tanks for dirty and clean water, double roller or disc brush, adjustable pressure brushes up to 100 kg, 320 amp batteries and moving on sloping surfaces up to 20% slope. .

RA85BM90 scrubber machine

The second product unveiled by Columbus is the large RA85BM90 walk-behind scrubber. This scrubber is provided for washing floor surfaces in medium and large industrial environments. The device is larger in size and volume than previous walk-behind models, but still has high maneuverability. Important features of the RA85BM90 walk-behind scrubber include 800 watt brush power, very low sound level, 5 powerful gel batteries with a charging rate of 5 hours and a lap in a space of 1.6 meters.


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