Perform a sandblast using an industrial high pressure washer device

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One of the most important operations in industrial environments is peeling layer from surface. These operations are typically used to remove old layers that have been damaged over time and require repair. Color coatings are often used on industrial equipment and devices to protect equipment surfaces from direct contact with air and outdoor moisture. Any damage to this coating results in direct contact of the underside with the outside air, resulting in the destruction of equipment and equipment. In such circumstances, new and more robust coatings are needed to fully protect equipment surfaces. For this purpose, the old layer has to be removed and smooth surfaces are created to create a comfortable and durable layer on the surfaces. Peeling, rusting and painting on the surface of equipment is one of the most difficult industrial operations typically performed with sandblasting. The use of industrial pressure washer with sand blasting operations has the following special benefits:

Reduce the time required for sandblasting

High pressure water is used as a fluid in sandblasting using an industrial high pressure washer. Due to the lack of compressibility of water, it is easy to apply high pressures. As a result, high-pressure water is used along with high-pressure spraying of abrasives and the operating speed is increased, while in the dry sandblast, air is used as the abrasive particulate fluid. The compressibility property of air prevents the increase in pressure and is the only peeling agent in the dry sandblast of the contaminant particles.


Protection of target surfaces against possible deformation

The spraying of abrasive particles onto the target surfaces increases the temperature of the target surfaces due to friction caused by abrasive particles abrasion. This increase in temperature can partly deform surfaces, especially sensitive surfaces. However, patches in the sandblast using high-pressure water act as a cooling agent and prevent surface degradation by lowering the surface temperature.


Improve operation quality

The exfoliation quality of the surfaces has a significant impact on the durability of the new coating. The smoother the new color layer is, the higher the resistance. The use of industrial high pressure washer in sandblast operation as compared to dry sandblast, improves the quality of operation. As a result, in order to have a smooth and comfortable surface and to increase the durability of the new paint coating created on the surfaces, it is appropriate to use a sandblast with industrial high pressure washer.


Reduce costs

Dry sandblasting is associated with the diffusion of abrasive particles into space and suspends high volumes of particles in the air. This makes it difficult and time-consuming to collect pollutant and abrasive particles after the operation is completed. On the other hand, dry blasting in order to perform the operation as efficiently as possible and to protect the target surfaces is used for high cost abrasive particles . However, the use of industrial high pressure washer in Sandblast, while preventing the spread of particles and dust and facilitating the final cleaning, thanks to the use of high pressure water, provides the possibility of using cheap abrasive particles such as sand and silica. This reduces the costs associated with the sandblast.


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