industrial vacuum cleaner for continuous processing pharmaceutical

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The pharmaceutical industry has various stages and there are many challenges in the factory for each of the fields of production, filling, packaging and transportation of final products to market. There are common concerns among manufacturers, and the supply of products according to scheduled schedules, compensates for drug deficits in the market, and the speed of supply to the market. Increasing the speed of filling pharmaceutical packages and minimizing the timeout of production lines to address these problems, increasing the level of productivity and profit for investors. That is why the industrial vacuum cleaner comes into the pharmaceutical industry and helps to continuously produce and prevent the production lines from being disconnected.

 industrial vacuum cleaner usage in continuous production

In the continuously manufactured drug industry, the proper and efficient equipment to support advanced production lines is essential to the success of the transition from a traditional way to a modern way. The industrial vacuum cleaner has a clear and decisive role in the modern way, which achieves the highest levels of efficiency, health, and high speed in the continuous production process. Therefore, selecting an industrial vacuum cleaner in accordance with the plant’s conditions and conditions is an essential choice.

Advanced industrial vacuum cleaners ensure a high level of quality required in the pharmaceutical industry. With the use of efficient and high quality industrial vacuum cleaners, the concern for the product line to break down due to non-standard and unauthorized repairs, the lack of quality equipment, or inoperative suction systems will be eliminated.

industrial Vacuum cleaner suitable for pharmaceutical

Each pharmaceutical manufacturing plant has its own characteristics and needs, and before we think what type of industrial vacuum cleaner is right, you need to see what needs are, what materials should be collected, how many points need to be cleaned Whether there are safety requirements or which rules should be complied with in accordance with the standards and regulations. In general, there are a number of basic rules for choosing a vacuum cleaner in the pharmaceutical industry:

– High powerful cross-sectional powerful filter

– Hepa filtering filter, which has 995/99% filtering ability and filters particles with a diameter of 0.1 microns.

– Safety filter after engine

– Cyclone technology to reduce the air inlet to the industrial vacuum cleaner

– The use of conductive equipment in an industrial vacuum cleaner for the evacuation of particles containing static electricity, such as earth connection, antistatic filter, antistatic anchor, steel tank and …

– Permanent turbine engine working with continuous operation

– Fixed industrial vacuum cleaner for the purpose of suction of the desired material from a fixed point to increase the speed of operation and safety

– The central suction system for saving energy and occupied space


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