oil contamination pressure washing

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Oil-based contaminants occur in many industrial environments, streets and parking lots, and over time these contaminants accumulate and become hard and deep layers that can no longer be easily removed. The production of these pollutants is inevitable but it is possible to counteract them. There are various methods for removing oil stains and layers that determine the amount of material leakage and the length of time the contaminant remains on the surface. Among the well-known ways to eliminate oil and oil contamination, high-pressure industrial water washing is a unique and professional method that offers the best performance with water power.

Industrial pressure washer

The industrial pressure washer machine is considered as the most ideal and efficient method for washing metal and concrete surfaces contaminated with petroleum and oil, and high-pressure units, high pressure machines 500 times higher, are used for this purpose. . The advantages and disadvantages of this method are not covered by various industries, and today the industrial sites are aware of the efficiency of this equipment. Deep and stabilized layers of oil and oil contamination are easily eliminated using industrial pressure washers and are used for a variety of smooth and rough surfaces.

Benefits of washing oily surfaces with industrial pressure washer

Washing oil surfaces with industrial pressure washer 500 times has significant advantages which distinguishes it from mechanical and chemical methods in general. Some of the advantages are:

Thorough and thorough washing without the need for detergents or chemicals

No damage to the underside

High speed washing

High quality and excellent wash

Ability to remove thick and deep layers of oil

What industrial wastewater is used for washing

Industrial pressure washer Industrial 500 is used to clean contaminants based on: oils and greases, petroleum and diesel, food and chemicals.

?In what industries is industrial pressure washer used

Oils for water and wastewater, food and food industries, power plants, paint and oil, gas, refining and petrochemical industries are being used effectively.

?What device is suitable for washing oil contamination

The minimum pressure required to remove oil and oil layers is 500 bar pressure, and since hot water has an effect on the removal of oils, it is advisable to have an industrial industrial pressure washer system fitted to the heating system to provide a higher quality and speed peeling. Be done.


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