The Role of Pressure on Scrubber Brushes to Improve Washing and Cleaning Quality

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One of the main challenges and concerns for business owners and managers is to achieve a higher level of cleanliness in the environment. In the meantime, surface cleaning is a major part of cleaning activities. Certainly the luminosity of the floor surfaces plays an important role in attracting people. Therefore, their quality and effective cleaning of surfaces are great importance. On the other hand, long-term exposure to pollutants on the floors can cause costly and sometimes irreparable damage to the floors. Although using traditional and manual methods such as buckets and squeegee somewhat eliminates the appearance of contaminants, industrial scrubber dryers are an ideal solution for efficient and quality cleaning of accumulated contaminants in the environment.


The role of pressure on the scrubber brush

One of the factors contributing to the improvement of scrubber quality is the downward pressure applied on the brush. The downward pressure applied on the brush increases the effective level of brush contact with the floor surfaces. The higher the level of effective brush contact with the surface, the higher the quality of washing and cleaning. It should be noted that, unlike traditional methods, the force applied to the T was proportional to the user’s power and propensity, and this pressure was not applied consistently across sections, but in the scrubber, the amount of pressure applied to the brush, is quite high and constant. It is independent of the user force and therefore remains constant throughout the washing process. As a result, the quality of washing throughout the process is ideally maintained.


Furthermore as scrubbers have two separate tanks for clean water and dirty water, they always use spray clean water for washing. This prevents redistribution of contaminants onto surfaces. Equipping the scrubbers with a suction system by thoroughly collecting and suctioning the contaminated liquids from the wash prevents contaminants from accumulating in the environment. The use of specialized and mechanized systems in scrubber machines improves the quality of washing and cleaning.


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