Safe using a floor scrubber and avoid the accident

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Floor scrubber is one of the most common cleaning equipment used in many areas such as shopping centers and industries. The machine cleans the floor with one or two rotating brush. When using a floor scrubber, the user must have safety in mind. Due to their size, the operator of ride-on scrubber should have more attention to people. Accidents such as Losing control of the machine and slippery floor can occur by operating the scrubber. In the article, safe using the floor scrubber and avoid accidents will be explained.

Safe scrubber

The valuable brands of scrubber manufacturers have a great deal of importance in designing this equipment, and the potential dangers of working with it are often due to human mistakes. Problems with mechanical and electronic components can also affect the safety of users and others. Therefore, the operator must be sure to read the safety manual and instructions before starting the cleaning operation.

Using the adequate detergent dose

Determining the exact amount of detergent or washing solution used with an industrial scrubber is important. Using a superior amount of these detergents can cause a slippery layer on the surface. Also, improper maintenance or improper operation of the machine can affect the quality of the scrubber’s cleaning, resulting in water remaining on the surface. If the user is not aware of the dirty and contaminated squeegee, the suction section will be affected and the water collection will not be performed properly. The result is that the surface remains wet even after drying it with the squeegee.

Losing control of the floor control

Loss of control of the scrubber usually occurs when the user has not followed the manufacturer’s instructions. One of the worst-case scenarios is when the user fails to pay attention to the maximum permissible slope or scrubber clearance specified by the manufacturer. In this case, the scrubber will cause severe damage to the user or persons near the machine. Therefore, the user of the scrubber must read the operating instructions carefully. Responsibility for any hazards and incidents shall be the responsibility of the users of the floorplan. Therefore, the user should pay particular attention to the surroundings when working with the machine, especially when the environment is crowded. For example, when scrubbers are used in a shopping mall during business hours, caution is needed when passing by people. If necessary, warning signs can also be placed in the environment to alert users of the machine’s performance.


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