Introduction to Scrubber Terms

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Today, cleaning and washing surfaces is done by means of mechanized equipment and machines. Because in addition to high speed, they have excellent cleaning quality and make cleaning and washing very easy and user-friendly. One of the most used cleaning machines is the floor scrubber. Scrubber is the most effective device for washing floor in different environments by simultaneously washing and drying the surface. The scrubber can be used in small environments such as small office and shop space or commercial complexes, factories and industrial sheds. Scrubber dryer come in a variety of models and sizes, depending on the environment, selected and used. Industrial scrubbers can be walk behind or ride on with varying dimensions and power of maneuvering and should be adapted to the space and extent of the environment.


Scrubber dryer glossary

As mentioned, scrubbers have different types, each with its own characteristics, and the right model must be chosen for each environment. There are some terms that can be used to identify shoe devices that may or may not help people better understand the device and choose the model that suits the environment. It should be noted that not always the smallest device is the most economical, or choosing the big one does not mean choosing the best device and achieving the highest performance and choosing the right one. Here are some of the terms and features of a scrubber.

Type of guidance

The scrubbers are divided into two types of walk behind scrubbers and ride on scrubbers. In walk behind models, the user guides the device from the back with the handle and buttons. But in the ride on model that are larger-sized and used in large environments, the user sits behind it and steers the device with steering wheel controls and buttons.

Power supply

Depending on the model, the scrubber power supply can be battery or mains power. The ride on scrubbers have battery but the walk behind models are battery-powered and cable-type.

Capacity of the tank

The scrubber has two separate tanks for clean water and dirty water. The detergent solution can also be used in a clean water tank.


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