ship preparing surface by pressure washer

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Ships, boats and platforms are always in the water, and this direct and permanent contact with marine equipment and structures is subject to severe pollution and corrosion. Moss, algae, mussels and rust are the most common contaminants and destroy the uniformity of the body of the ship and structure. In the shipbuilding and refining industries, rebuilding and repairing the ship’s body as well as finding destructive factors is a challenging and difficult process. In order to protect the body of the ship and offshore structures from contamination and corrosion, special coatings are provided that are resistant to factors such as high humidity, salts, salts, and so on. This demonstrates the importance of marine equipment coatings and for the coatings to be of the highest durability and quality, the bottom surface must be fully prepared. The preparation of the body of the ship is performed using high pressure industrial pressure washer devices.

Body wash with industrial pressure washer

The ship’s body contains heavy contaminants such as moss, algae, mussels and oil, which are used to remove them and effectively wash the body of an industrial water jet at a pressure of 500 bar. One of the features of high-pressure detergents is underwater washing; a special nozzle is designed for this process by which divers can wash underwater bodies and offshore structures. This operation uses industrial pressure washers with a pressure of more than 1000 bar and high discharge. Industrial pressure washers wash the body of the ship and offshore infrastructure with high quality, speed and accuracy and speed up surface preparation.

Paint and rust removing

One of the important steps in the preparation of ships and offshore is the removal of rust and rust. The presence of worn, scaly colors and rusty areas prevents proper and high quality coatings, so it is an important step in preparing the surface of the vessel and structures for fresh coating. For this purpose, high pressure industrial pressure washer devices with pressure of 2500 bar and special nozzles are used.

Benefits of Industrial pressure washer for preparing surface

Hydro blast has many advantages over other methods of washing and peeling offshore and offshore, some of which are:

 Lower level preservation

 Provides the best conditions for adhesion of the coating to the body and the best connection between the base and the coating

 Without leaving any abrasive particles such as salt, chlorine, sand, etc.

 Available in a variety of weather conditions, including wind and rain

 Impact function without vibration

 No need to open the ship and thus save time and money

 No dust emission in the environment

 Minimizing waste


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