Hospital antibacterial trolley

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Hospitals and other medical centers need more sensitivity on the part of the cleaning department. In these areas, the slightest contamination is easily spread, and as a result, people may develop various diseases. Therefore, preventive measures are important in hospitals to maintain the health and lives of people, as well as the use of appropriate and practical cleaning equipment and tools. Hospital trolley is one of the practical tool that is made of antibacterial materials and is quite suitable for these areas. The antibacterial properties of these trolleys minimize the growth of bacteria in the environment by cleaning tools. This article describes the importance of this cleaning equipment and its applications.

Types of trolleys for medical centers

Medical centers such as clinics and hospitals could use two types of trolleys: cleaning trolleys and hospitals. The simplest trolley, the cleaning trolley, has water tanks and a reservoir for washing floor surfaces. Hospital trolleys are specially designed for use in medical centers. These trolleys are much more practical and equipped than a cleaning trolley. The variety of buckets and drawers embedded in this trolley has made its user do a variety of things and move a lot of equipment in the hospital environment.

Hospital trolley applications

Part of hospital trolleys involves cleaning and sanitizing surfaces. Buckets for storing water and detergents, along with cleaning cloths and T-mop, are embedded in these cleaning tools so that surfaces can be easily cleaned in different parts of the hospital. In addition to washing the floor surfaces, T-mop can be washed using buckets. The possibility of separating the buckets from the trolley has doubled the ease of working with them. Easy transportation of all kinds of hospital equipment such as towels, sheets and patients’ clothes is done with this tool. Some hospital trolleys have several locked drawers so that in addition to increasing the capacity of the device to move it, the devices do not move out of the drawers while moving. Different types of cleaning tools such as T-mop, disinfectant wipes and trash can also be transported using hospital trolleys.


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