use of industrial detergents to clean the surfaces

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In cleaning processes, industrial detergents are used to accelerate the removal of contaminants and increase the cleaning power. The function of these materials is such that after a short period of time they remain on the surface, in contrast to the bonding of contaminated particles, they break down and eventually lead to the removal of contaminants. Crushing with industrial detergent occurs if these materials are properly evaluated and applied in terms of chemical composition, application and method of use. Therefore, special industrial detergents are used in different environments and according to the type of pollution and cleaning purposes.

What is the difference between industrial detergent and household detergent?

Detergents are generally used to accelerate cleaning processes and improve removing contaminants. In the meantime, criminalization with industrial and household detergents do not differ in terms of detergent performance. Each of these materials is used in conjunction with a suitable cleaning agent to eliminate contaminants more effectively in less time. Of course, in the industrial sector, the type and volume of pollution is different from domestic pollution, and therefore the power of crime with industrial detergents is much higher than household detergents. With this power, industrial detergents eliminate the elimination of all kinds of pollution and deep masses from surfaces in various industries of steel, oil, petrochemical, mineral, etc.

Crushing with industrial and specialized detergents

Industrial detergents are produced in different categories. Some are used to remove grease, soot, some to remove traces of rubber, and some to disinfect. As a result, in order to carry out the process of scaling with industrial detergent, the desired application must first be determined and the detergent prepared accordingly. It should be noted that this detergent must be compatible with the cleaning device used, ie waterjet or scrubber or even industrial polisher. To remove greasy and oily contaminants and adhere to the floor surfaces and industrial equipment, the use of specialized detergent with industrial waterjet device has a good result. Crushing with a specialized industrial detergent with pressure washer is widely used in the oil, petrochemical and refinery industries. The scrubber dryer is also suitable for removing deep contamination of floor surfaces by selecting the appropriate specialized detergent and suitable for the type of contamination. This machine often performs effectively without the use of detergents, but if the volume of contamination is high, these detergents can be used to increase the speed of cleaning and its quality.


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