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accessories carpet extractor machine

accessories carpet extractor machine

The carpet cleaner is used for deep and precise cleaning the carpets. This machine has three important parts:  injection extraction system, mechanical brushing action, and high water lift. injection extraction system sprays A solution of water and detergent on the carpet surface, the brushes extract the dirt from the carpet depth and water and pollution will be sucked up by high water lift technology so that the surface will be clean and dry. The benefits of using a carpet cleaner are high-speed performance, quickly dry the surface and no need to Roll up the carpet. Additional equipment can be added to increase the efficiency of the cleaning process and increase the performance of the machine.

Accessories for the carpet cleaner

The carpet cleaner machine is specially designed for the cleaning and drying of carpets. But the machine can also be used with some accessories in other applications. For example, if you need to rinse and stain the furniture, a special nozzle is used. This nozzle connects to the machine and performs the process of spraying the detergent and suctioning contaminants. Brush for the hard surface is one of the other accessories that can be used on carpet cleaner machines. With this brush instead of the original brush, the user is able to clean and rinse hard surfaces such as ceramic surfaces. Along with this equipment, some other accessories are more suitable for better operation of the carpet cleaner. As an example, the spray nozzle and the suction nozzle are connected to the machine for cleaning the areas that have access restrictions. Heaters, sprayers and spraying hoses of the cleaning solution are one of the other accessories available with some models of the carpet extractors.

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