scrubber is such that the user is placed in the back of the machine to forward it and wash the surface. Brush has the main role in the performance of scrubber and washing quality. Rotational motion brush makes surface clean and at the same time helps the device to moving forward. Abstergent can be clean water or clean water and detergent solution that is sprayed onto the brushes. Squeegee at the rear of the machine and suction system in the center of it collect water on the surface. The solution injection is regulated by the control unit. Due to the size and working width, scrubber can have one or two that are the type of disc brush. Disk brush has four categories: extra soft brush, soft brush, standard brush and extra abrasive brush. Standard brush designed to be compatible with most surfaces and can wash the dirt well. But in certain condition can be changed according to the type of contamination and type of surface and can select a kind of three other brushes. Surfaces such as tile, stone, ceramics, concrete, epoxy and rubber easily washable with these brushes and will not damage to the surface. In addition, the pollution is removed from the surface well. A good brush has high quality and long life span. Coherent network of bristles makes advanced stability and smooth running cycles and has low levels of wear and tear. Hollow grind of the brush tips allows for flat positioning of the brushes on the surfaces also when under pressure, outer bristles sit at an angle to enable thorough cleaning up to the edge. The particular structure of the bristles enables an ideal water distribution over the entire surface. These special bristles enable up to 40 % water saving.

Safety points when using brushes

When connecting or disconnecting the brush should be noted that the device is completely switched off and touch it when rotation should be avoided. One of the things that must comply with the brushes when the motor of the brush is on, is that operator does not left the scrubber.

Width brushes

Wide variety of brushes that fit the working width of the scrubber are on follow and should be chosen to suit the device. Diameter of the brushes is in centimeter:

Standard brush: 33-35-40-43-50-53

Soft brush: 33-35-40-43-53

Extra soft brush: 35

Extra abrasive brush: 35-40-43-53