Scrubber dryer is one of the most widely used cleaning machines for floor cleaning. This machine removes contaminants from the floor using brushes that are impregnated with a cleaning  solution. The cleaning solution in the solution tank can be water or a solution of water and detergent. Detergents are used to remove some of the contamination on the floor and the better efficiency of the scrubber dryer. These detergents are specially developed for scrubbers and are compatible with the tanks material and floor covering type. 

Advantages of scrubber dryer detergent

Different benefits will be expected depending on the purpose of using detergents. Some detergents are used to eliminate tough contaminations and debris that are not removed by water. The use of scrubber detergents in these applications increases the speed of operations and prevents repetitive operations for a part of the floor covering. Also, in this case, there is no need to spray water in several steps to eliminate contamination. As a result, it saves water and the user can clean the floor in less time. Reducing the time of washing means reducing the required worker and providing other tasks to the worker. In some applications, scrubbing detergents are used to disinfect surfaces and increase the level of environmental health that results in a reduction in the spread of diseases. Also, detergent fragrances eliminate unpleasant odor in the environment.

Tips for using detergent with a floor scrubber

The detergent breaks the bond between the contaminated particles and the surface and causes the contamination removes more quickly. It is important to use a good detergent scrubber that is compatible with the floor covering. The concentration of detergent used in the tank of the machine must comply with the instructions of the manufacturer of the detergent. Most detergent should not be in direct contact with the skin and the eyes. In case of improper use of the floor scrubber, the detergent may remain on the surface. only one detergent type at a given time can be used with a scrubber and different detergents should not be mixed together. The detergent for scrubber dryer is compatible with the solution tank and does not create much foam.

Types of detergent for the floor scrubber

Detergents can be used based on the type of contamination and surface area in various types with industrial scrubbers. detergent cleans oily contaminants, remove bacteria and germs, and remove sticky materials such as chewing gum or rubber. The detergent should be not used on any surface but only use base on the instruction. Therefore, detergents are also classified based on the cleaning surface. By applying the appropriate detergent, the floor covering maintains clean and beautiful and the longevity of the floor covering will increase.