Washing nozzles are one of the main components in high pressure washer devices that play a significant role in achieving the desired cleaning goals by connecting to the high pressure washer gun. Using a nozzle which is appropriate to the cleaning operation, plays an important role in the quality and speed of cleaning operations. Washing nozzles are used in various cleaning operations such as water spraying, detergent spraying, sand spraying and suction.

Features of nozzles

The very important thing about the nozzles is their strength in harsh working conditions. The strength of a nozzle is related to its design and materials that is used in the manufacture of nozzles. For selecting the right nozzles, paying attention to the amount of flow and operating pressure of the machine plays an important role in the speed and quality of the operation. The coordination of the nozzle type with the high pressure washer device, prevents the loss of operating speed and pressure, and in addition to improving the quality of the cleaning, it prevents the device from wearing out. The nozzles can have multiple outputs based on the type of cleaning operation.

Types of the nozzles

In order to meet the cleaning needs, the nozzles are produced in a variety of models. For example, sandblast nozzles, tube openers, rotary, blade, multimode, sink nozzles and nozzle sprays of detergents, are used in high pressure devices. To match the type of cleaning operations, every nozzle has unique features and structure that increases the power of the device in the cleaning operation. As an example, sandblast nozzles can spray water with sand to increase the speed of peeling operations, or the nozzle of the pipe opener makes it possible for the user to rinse and remove the mud deposited inside the pipe, due to its unique design.