Anti Tabacco essence

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Anti Tabacco essence

Anti Tabacco Essence has a completely different fragrance, unique, thick, spicy and sweet, able to be used in air fresheners and wood fresheners, with an atomization systemThe anti-tobacco essence with its sweet and unique fragrance creates a pleasant feeling in the audience and captures a pleasant and pleasant memory and peace of mind in the audience.

Anti Tabacco essence  Applications

Anti Tabacco essential oil, with its spicy aroma, can be used permanently in places with lasting odors such as cigarettes. The constituents of this essential oil include a base oil that makes this fragrance more durable.

Anti Tabacco essence storage conditions

Anti Tabacco essential oil should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated, dark-lined container, and it should be protected and protected from direct sunlight and direct heat and heat. The aroma should be kept away from sources of fire and flame, smoke and steam.

Key points when using Anti Tabacco essence

In general, the fragrance essential oil is safe for human health, but it is best not to touch the fragrance essentials with your hands and eyes and be sure to use glasses and gloves when contacting them with a quick hand or face. Rinse them with soap and water. Keep the deodorant out of the reach of children.

Place used in Anti Tabacco essence

Anti Tabacco Essential Oil can be used in public places and in the smooking room,beauty and supermarket clinics, sanitary facilities, beauty salons, shopping malls, commercial complexes, companies, offices, residential and automobile ..avoid contact with skin and eyes. Depending on working conditions  this may include wearing of eyes protection and protecting clothing such as chemically resistant gloves suitable overalls and dust masks. Avoid  beating  vapors especially if the material is hot. do not drink, eat or smoke while handling, respect good personal hygiene.