facade and window cleaning equipment - Lewi Purastart mini


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brand : Lehmann category : Facade and Window Cleaning Machine code : 0

Facade and window cleaning equipment - Lewi Purastart mini is a complete and efficient to wash exterior facade. The device's simple operation and user-friendly have become a widely used tool. The most important feature of this industrial cleaning equipment is that there are no limitations for its use and does not require anything more than a tap. The device is compact and affordable as possible, thus for various uses environment and Especially small sizes is very good. LEWI PURASTART in standard mode has several sections that are easy to connect.  Parts of this system includes: Water telescopic rod, aluminum detailed guide water, wash brushes, PURAQLEEN  filter for water purification.  The system has not any Complexity and is very simply to use. The most important part of the device that converts tap water into pure water without salts and minerals that are responsible for filtration section. Filter is a tank containing the resin bed that makes the separation of mineral water. Due to the physical properties of pure water, it cleans better than ordinary water and dust easily solve on it and not leave any trace on the surface. Washing with demineralized water makes the surface for a long time, that is pollution repellant. The devise does not use of any kind of detergents for removing contaminants, hence it is compatible with the environment and no harm to the user and not even plants and Fauna that exist around. facade cleaner have a telescopic lance includes 4 parts that can clean surfaces directly from the ground to height 6 meters without using the ladder. This reduces the dangers of the use of ladders at work significantly. If the customer is willing, Special Lance to increase the working height of 9 meters to be delivered. This is The professional machine for cleaning facades, winter gardens and glass fronts, pavilions and pergolas, garage doors and carports, photovoltaic and solar modules, campers and caravans.

technical specifications

general specifications

max height (m) 9
lance Length (m) 6

filtration unit specifications

volume filter (l) 12.5

physical specifications

weight (kg) 15
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 210×210×550

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