window cleaning system - indoor complete system


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brand : Lehmann category : Facade and Window Cleaning Machine code : 0

Window cleaning system - indoor complete system is full and fast solution to wash the glass facade and the interior is not any water around break down, and use a wetting pad, do the washing operation. It has a water tank that will be filled by the user, and if the water in the tank is used the effect of washing will be better completely dry without a trace. Pump forced water through lance to wet special pad. It is used for clean 2.5 meters directly from the ground without the use of lifts. If the user requests, more Lances is given to increase the height to 10 meters. Due to the low weight of this type of facade cleaning is very useful and also very suitable for cleaning of non-accessible points. The complete set is suitable for washing windows, porches, elevators, partition walls, glass doors, shop windows, showcase, and mirrors. Complete sets and glass facade cleaning with equipment offered, including Telescopic lance, variable-angle connection, water bottle, holding the pad, pad, glass washing machine, water control, and transportation equipment belt. Water control device which is fed by battery pumping water into the lance, and causes the water to a height of 10 meters launched. The set includes a belt that carrying equipment that can control water, water bottle and pads on the bag that was attached to the belt to make easily accessible while using it. Angle joint for changing the angle of the device is suitable for cleaning areas that are difficult to access.

technical specifications

general specifications

max height (m) 9
lance Length (m) 2.5
lance material carbon - aluminium
number of pad 5
bag and belt yes

tank specifications

water tank yes

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