twice split twin bucket with press wringer


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brand : Filmop category : twin bucket code : 0000SL2800

twice split twin bucket 30 liters with press wringer that used for the professional cleaning of the floors in medium-big areas. this twin bucket made of polypropylene colpolymer material, so that it is recycable and shock-proof.

twin bucket has two compartments 16 and 14 liters to separate the cleaning solution from the rinse water with consequent better and professional cleaning results. this feature makes operation can easily be washed with a mop, environment free of pollution and does not need to wash again. so that it saves cleaning solution and labour time and consequently need minimum effort of the operator. this equipped with two drain-plugs which makes easier the emptying operation without lifting the bucket.

back feet of twin bucket can be unassembled to allow the piling of the bucket, reducing storage and transport costs. this type of twin bucket has two handle for a correct balance of the bucket while carrying it. it is higher than the traditional buckets, this feature allows the operator to work without bending. "slippery floor" sign has been drawn both sides of the bucket. this twin bucket has down-press wringer with plastic jaws and it is ideal for floor mopping with spaghetti mops and speedy flat mop heads.

technical specifications

general specifications

type of trolley cleaning
type of wringer press
material polypropylene

tank specifications

type of tank two tanks with separated drain-plugs
solution tank capacity (L) 14
recovery tank capacity (L) 16

physical specifications

weight (kg) 5
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 600×400×930

Special Features

other features slippery floor sign - recyclable

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