fred professional mop wringer with roller wringer


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brand : Filmop category : professional mop wringer code : 00227965AP

trolley has a capacity of 50 liters.  the professional mop wringer has two buckets each with a capacity of 25 liters. it is used for professional cleaning; because it has a large capacity can be used in relatively large spaces. it is made of polypropylene copolymer material; this has led to a tool professional mop wringer-proof and recyclable convert. its plastic frame prevents to water buckets from intense impulses. such features make this tool is durability.

there is a plastic handle on one side of the professional mop wringer that makes it easy to move as well as dewatering mop by the user. this type of professional mop wringers makes the professional mop wringer takes less space. wet floor cleaning make the floor become slippery and if persons are passing does not aware that the floor is slippery, they may fall down. for this reason, to alert the "slippery floor" sign is printed on both sides of the professional mop wringer.

one of the important advantage in this kind of professional mop wringers is that it has two buckets that make detergent solution and dirty water separated. thus,  more contamination is removed from the surface and it is more hygienic. when the washing efficiency is high, the user does not have to repeat cleaning operation, so water and detergent consumption is low.

technical specifications

general specifications

type of trolley cleaning
type of wringer roller
material polypropylene

tank specifications

type of tank two separated tank
solution tank capacity (L) 25
recovery tank capacity (L) 25

physical specifications

weight (kg) 7.3
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 690×420×930
wheel diameter (mm) 80

Special Features

other features recycable
other facilities side handle

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