cleaning professional mop wringer arka 11


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brand : Filmop category : professional mop wringer code : 0006LP1281

professional mop wringer arka 11 is used to collecting dust and waste, floor mopping and cleaning of surface for medium to big areas. the professional mop wringer has a 28-liter bucket with a partition to separate detergents from clean water or dirty water. this equipment removes more pollution and makes better cleaning and hygiene. in addition, this feature saves water, detergent and time and energy that is required for cleaning.

the frame of this professional mop wringer made of polypropylene colpolymer material that makes it strong. the other feature of this professional mop wringer is that it is compact, modular and ease of assembly on each other without the use of screws. this type of professional mop wringer is made of a solid shock-proof plastic structure and perfectly balanced even when full loaded. on both sides of the frame "slippery floor" sign is inserted.

u-shaped push-bar makes easier the handle of the professional mop wringer on uneven floors. this professional mop wringer has one 100-litre bagholder with cover, two 4-liter buckets to hold the necessary tools and detergents for cleaning and washing, a plastic hook to hold the dustpan, and a hook for mop, which is covered with a rubber roll and is suitable for all kinds of mop. this tool equipped with a side press wringer without bottom which allows to rinse and wring the mop only in one step that saves time and avoids unpleasant drippings on the floor. thus this professional mop wringer for the quick and professional cleaning and dewatering would be ideal.

technical specifications

general specifications

type of trolley cleaning
type of wringer press
material shockproof polypropylene

tank specifications

type of tank single tank with plate separator
solution tank capacity (L) 14
recovery tank capacity (L) 14

physical specifications

weight (kg) 11.3
dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 1070×550×1110
wheel diameter (mm) 80

Special Features

volume of garbage bag (L) 100
bag holder yes
other features recyclable
other facilities two 4 liter bucket - Plastic hook for holding cleaning tool

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