Industrial Detergent Dopomat-brillant


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brand : Kiehl category : Industrial Detergent code : j100310

Dopomat-brillant is a solution for using in the industrial scrubber. This solution is a surface active and low foaming detergent that product for protecting and renewing the protective layer which is used on the floor surfaces. The maintenance substance of this solution remains on the floor surfaces and without causing any stain dry and form a solid, shiny and non slip coating layers. The protective layer of this solution is so impermeable and has a high resistance against dirt. Using this solution regularly with the industrial rotary devices such as floor scrubber, Repair the damages of the floor surfaces’ protective layer.

Dopomat-brillant USAGE IN CLEANING

This solution is suitable for all hard and resilient floors which are made of water resistant substances such as PVC, linoleum, terrazzo tiles, polyolefin, marble, rubber, casting resin. 

HOW TO USE Dopomat-brillant IN CLEANING

For use Dopomat-brillant in routine cleaning, depending on the dirtiness level, dilute the 100 to 400 ml of this solution in 10 liters of water and clean all over the surfaces with the help of the industrial scrubber dryer. Occasionally using polisher instead of the scrubber dryer, increases the protective properties and durability of this solution.


The main products of Dopomat-brillant are, less than 5% anionic surfactants, less than 5% nonionic surfactants, water solvent solution and materials freshener (limonene).  The pH value of this solution in a concentrate form is about 8 and in diluted form reduces to about 7. 


Since the low temperature, affect the properties of detergent, it is better to be kept at the right temperature and avoid being frost. This l detergent designed for professional cleaning and hence is not suitable for consumer use.

technical specifications

general specifications

Color White
Concentration Concentrate
productivity (mL/m2) 2
pH (Concentrated) 8
pH (Ready to Use) 7

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces All Kinds of Surfaces
Places Administrative Offices - commercial and Shopping Center - Hotel
Combined Ratio with water in Scrubber Dryer 1 : 25 to 100 ( depending on the solid dirt )
Other Features Glossy and non-Slip Protective Layer

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