Industrial Detergent Orange Pro


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brand : Kiehl category : Industrial Detergent code : j620134

Orange Pro is a powerful detergent for removing all kinds of dirt stains and has a wide range of applications for cleaning adhesive stains such as tar, gum, wax residues, stains, dyes, resins, resin, glue and oil. This detergent dissolves pollutant particles separated them from the surfaces. The Orange Pro is exclusively used for the targeted removal of very tough stains which can remove by a water based product. 


The detergent can be used on a variety of non-water soluble surfaces such as wood, tile, epoxy, cork, polyurethane. The Orange Pro solvents cannot be used on solubility surfaces such as asphalt and bitumen and synthetic flooring as PVC.   


For being sure about the surface's resistance against the solution and the effect of the solution, please test a little of this material in the small area and after being sure about the resistance of the surface and color fasten apply it to the other parts. The Orange Pro is produced in a concentrated form and depending on the levels of the dirt can be diluted up to 1:100 in the water. For example, for removing the chewing gum, apply the concentrated form of this solution on the gum, and after the reaction, the gum can remove easily.  To clean stains, with the help of the sponge or cloth, apply the concentrated or diluted of Orange Pro on the all stains and allow it to react and after that, wipe them off, and then clean completely with water. 


Orange terpenes, emulsifiers and alcohols are the main constituents of detergent.


This material is a flammable liquid and produces a toxic vapor. The substance is highly toxic and if swallowed, can be fatal. The contact of this solution to the skin can cause allergens and in likely contact with the skin, the position should rinse with the considerable volume of water. The solution is extremely toxic to aquatic organisms and has a long lasting effect, hence should not be released into the environment. During the use of this material, wearing gloves is essential.

technical specifications

general specifications

Color Orange
Concentration Concentrate
productivity (mL/m2) 5 to 20

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces All Solvent Resistant Surfaces, Except Asphalt or Synthetic Surfaces Such as PVC
Places Administrative Offices - commercial and Shopping Center - Hotel
Contamination Contamination Sticky Such as Glue, Gum, Oil
Combined Ratio with Water in Manual Methods 1 : 0 to 100 ( depending on the solid dirt )

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