Industrial Detergent Rivamat


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brand : Kiehl category : Industrial Detergent code : j100610

Rivamat is a powerful solution which is surfactant free, so this solution is eco-friendly. This detergent dissolves contaminants and provides clean and shiny surfaces. This solution has no foam, so it is suitable for using in the mechanical cleaners. Since this detergent has no enzymes and phosphates, can be used for cleaning the textile floor coverages. 


This solution can be used for cleaning all kinds of surfaces that are water resistant and alkali resistant. In addition, this detergent can also be used for cleaning carpets that are made of synthetic fibers.


In order to ensure a level of surface ‘s resistance against the detergent, it is best to test a small amount of detergent on a small portion of the surface, and after ensuring about surface resistant use the solution for cleaning all around the surface. Rivamat is a concentrate detergent and for using in cleaning, diluted with a certain volume of water. For routine cleaning with the mechanical cleaner devices such as scrubbers dilute 100 ml of detergent in 10 liters of cold water, and for Intensive cleaning dilute 1liter of solution with the 10 liters of cold water. For intensive cleaning with the textile pad, 100 to 1000 ml of Rivamat dilutes with the 10 liters of cold water. 


Complex agents and alkalis, are the main ingredients of this detergent. The Rivamat is so alkaline and the pH value of detergent in concentrated form is almost equal to the 13.5 and in diluted and ready to use form, reduce to about 12.5.


Although this detergent is eco-friendly product, but using the right amount of it minimizes ecological impacts, in addition, reduces the costs. Unlike conventional detergents, Rivamat has higher concentrations and hence is more efficient than them. This solution contains sodium hydroxide and so, is a highly alkaline detergent. Direct contact of Rivomat with skin or eyes will cause severe burns, therefore it is necessary to use gloves and appropriate cover when using the detergent. In case of contact with eyes or skin rinses the position thoroughly with water for a several minutes. This material is for professional cleaning and hence is not suitable for consumer use.

technical specifications

general specifications

standard Environmentally Friendly
Color No Color
Concentration Ultra Concentrate
productivity (mL/m2) Routine Cleaning: 1 / Intensive Cleaning: 10
pH (Concentrated) 13.5
pH (Ready to Use) 12.5

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces All Water Resistant Surfaces, Synthetic Fibre Carpets
Places Administrative Offices - commercial and Shopping Center - Hotel
Contamination All Kinds of Contamination
Combined Ratio with water in Scrubber Dryer 1:100
Combined Ratio with water in Polisher 1:10
Other Features Enzymes, Phosphates and Surfactants Free

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