Industrial Detergent Grasset


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brand : Kiehl category : Industrial Detergent code : j550405

Grasset is an alkaline detergent which is capable of removing oil and grease. This detergent can be used with cold and hot water and protects surfaces against corrosion. The use of special substances in the production of this detergent, authorize the Grasset to be used in the food industries. 


The detergent can be used for cleaning all kinds of floor surfaces, walls and equipment that are water resistant and alkalis resistant. As mentioned earlier, this detergent can be used for cleaning surfaces in the food industry and places that have a direct contact with food, such as butchers, slaughterhouses, dairies, bakeries, buffets, hospitals and hotels. The solution protects surfaces against corrosion and hence it can be used to wash anodized aluminum. The detergent cannot be used for cleaning alkaline sensitive and water repellent surfaces such as linoleum flooring, or flooring made from natural ingredients.


Before using the Grasset all over the surfaces, test a small amount of detergent on the little spot of the surfaces, then after being sure about the resistance of surfaces against alkalis, use the detergent for cleaning. For routine cleaning with wiping our mechanical cleaning device, dilute the 50 to 200 ml of the solution into the 8 liters of water and for intensive cleaning, dilute the one liter of it into the 8 liters of water and clean the floor surfaces with the polisher device and finally, collect all dirty water with the wet/dry vacuum cleaner. For doing the cleaning with foam, spray undiluted Grasset on the surfaces by spraying compressed and then after 10-minute wash surfaces thoroughly with water. For cleaning hard and sticking contaminants, spray concentrated solution directly onto the surfaces. 

Work surfaces and equipment of kitchens that are in direct contact with the detergent, after washing with Grasset, should be thoroughly washed with clean water. Using warm water (about 40° to 60° C) increases the ability of the Grasset in cleaning grease stains. For cleaning oil and albumin contamination, dilute the appropriate amount of detergent, in 8 liters of water, then clean oily surfaces with the use of hot water and floor scrubber device.


The Grasset contains, anionic surfactants less than 5%, nonionic surfactants less than 5%, water soluble solvents, phosphates less than 5% and alkali. The Grasset is an alkaline detergent that the pH of concentrated form is about 13 and in diluted solution reduces to the number 11.


This detergent ingredients dodecyl sulfonate compounds and potassium silicate, and hence, direct contact with the skin can cause irritation. Safety gloves and protective glasses are necessary during usage of the detergent.

technical specifications

general specifications

Color No Color
Concentration Concentrate
productivity (mL/m2) Surface Cleaning: 0.5 - 1/ Intensive Cleaning: 40 /Foam Cleaning: 20
pH (Concentrated) 13
pH (Ready to Use) 11

Cleaning Specifications

Material of Cleaning Surfaces All Water and Alkali Resistant Surfaces Except Linoleum
Places All Medical Centers, Office, Commercial, Educational, Kitchen and Food Industry
Contamination Oil, Grease and Albumen Deposits
Combined Ratio with Water in Manual Methods 1: 40 to 160
Combined Ratio with Water in Manual Methods For Foam Cleaning Use Undiluted
Combined Ratio with water in Scrubber Dryer 1: 40 to 160
Combined Ratio with water in Polisher 1:8
Other Features Corrosion Protection

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