Iranian street sweeper

The increasing trend of urban pollution is causing concern for cleanliness throughout the cities. To improve urban levels, Ebrahim has designed and manufactured urban vacuum cleaners in different models. Urban Sweeper is one of the tools used in urban management that facilitates municipal services and brings cleanliness and cleanliness. This model of sweepers is only capable of cleaning street surfaces and is designed for cars, so it is not possible to use them in small, confined spaces.

The Superiority of Cleaning with an Iranian Urban Sweeper

Urban vacuum cleaners are manufactured and offered in different brands and types, but it is important to use a high-performance appliance that is capable of specialized cleaning of asphalt and street surfaces. When purchasing a Sweeper device, considerations such as useful working width, fuel tank capacity, water tank capacity, waste tank capacity, brush quality, machine speed, and so on. Nowadays, surfaces cannot be cleaned in traditional ways, and even in small urban areas, all surfaces have to be cleaned using specialized industrial cleaning equipment such as Urban Swift. The main advantage of urban sweepers over other industrial vacuum cleaners is the addition of high-quality brushes to cover high volume, super-powerful suckers that suck and sweep away all the fine and gross contaminants from street surfaces. Another important thing about sweeping the city is the lack of lifting during cleaning; therefore, a spray nozzle on the brushes is important to prevent dust from spinning while the brush is rotated.

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