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cable powered scrubber and battery powered scrubber

cleaning of floor surfaces in public places and other places is very important because, in addition to preventing the spread of contamination, by eliminating contaminations, it ensures the health of individuals as well as prevents the damage and destruction of flooring. Traditional cleaning way is not very efficient due to the large volume of surfaces and commuting, and it does not play a role in eliminating contaminations and cannot keep the environment clean and healthy. Scrubber is an industrial cleaning machine that uses advanced technology to clean various places.

Performance of industrial scrubber devices

The performance of the scrubber system consists of two steps. Brushing
Contrary to traditional methods, this method uses two clean water reservoirs and dirty water to enhance the quality and increase the health . .
In addition to the scrubbing machine, detergents can also be used to disinfect surfaces, in addition to improving cleaning quality and drying surfaces. German scrubbers use electric power to provide motor power.

Scrubber and various types of motor force

Scrubbers are divided into two types of battery scrubbers and cable scrubbers.

Battery scrubber and scrubber cable

The range of motion scrubbers is limited by the limitation of the cable and access to the power outlet. It is essential to have a power outlet in the halls at appropriate intervals. Battery scrubbers use battery, there is no limit to the movement but still need to be charged

Dimensions and Weight

Using the battery inside the device increases the dimensions of this model. This model occupies more space than cable models. The scrubber, in addition to increasing volume, also increases its weight.

The higher the capacity of the cable top-of-the-shelf than the battery

During the work, cable lifts use a high voltage voltage and do not have any limits on power supply. They use more powerful engines. They have higher power and higher suction power and speed. Improving the quality of cleaning in the cable models is more.

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