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طرز کار جاروبرقی صنعتی چگونه است؟

Some may think that industrial, semi-industrial, commercial, and household vacuum cleaners work differently, but all types of vacuum cleaners work the same. The difference between different types of vacuum cleaners is in body structure, suction power and speed, type of filtration system and tank capacity, and the method of industrial vacuum cleaner for collecting chemicals is not different from the way water and soil vacuum cleaners work.

What are the components of a vacuum cleaner?

  1. Suction pump
  2. Engine
  3. Reservoir
  4. filtration
  5. Nozzle

What is the impact of these components on the way industrial vacuum cleaners work?

Some people think that the only component that affects the way a vacuum cleaner works is the pump. This belief is wrong and the impact of each of these components on the operation of industrial vacuum cleaners is explained below.

Suction pump

The suction pump is responsible for draining the air in the tank. The function of the pump is that the air inside the tank is evacuated by the pump and a relative vacuum is created inside the vacuum cleaner. The pressure difference between the outside air and the tank causes The outside air to be forcibly pumped into the tank to eliminate this pressure difference, which causes particles and devices near the hose to be drawn in as well. The pump is generally designed in three types: centrifugal, side channel, and venturi.


The motor is the supply system and the pump actuator, which is designed in the type of turbine and collector. Simply put, the collector motor uses coal to transmit electrical energy. The coal plates become so-called hot after a period of use and cause the device to rise in temperature. If the vacuum cleaner equipped with a collector motor is used continuously, the vacuum cleaner motor will be destroyed.

Unlike the collector engine, the turbine engine does not use coal and transmits energy using magnetic induction. For this reason, vacuum cleaners equipped with these motors are known as permanent vacuum cleaners. The motor is responsible for delivering the energy needed by the pump to generate suction.

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