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specification of a hospital trolley

Trolley is one the simplest cleaning tools for waste collection, washing and carrying the load and tools. The useful tools improve the quality of cleaning operation and facilitate the servicing. Hospital trolley is a trolley designed for hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Waste collection, washing the surfaces and carrying tools, loads and so are performed by using an antibacterial trolley.

Important of choosing the right hospital trolley

Health centers are susceptible of growing bacteria. Growth and proliferation of bacteria develop many patients to infections. So, health promotion is very important in hospitals. Hospital trolley can reduce the growing bacteria and provides a health and safely environment. Choosing the right one increase the speed of operation and completely decontaminate the surfaces.

Specifications a standard hospital trolley

There are different types of trolley made from various companies. In this section, we will describe some futures of a suitable hospital trolley.

With antibacterial properties

A standard hospital trolley is made of antibacterial materials. The materials are compounded with producer material of trolley and then prevent proliferating of bacteria. Silver ions and pyrithione are the best antibacterial materials. They are recyclable and don’t have any risk for human and environment. Silver ions and pyrithione enter the polymeric structure of trolley and don’t leave it. So, the antibacterial properties will remain as long as the trolley is used.

Easy cleaning and Eco-friendly

The standard trolleys for hospitals have a modular design and therefor, the user can separate different parts of them. So it is possible to clean it thoroughly after any cleaning operation. Polypropylene is one of the best material in trolley structure that can be wash fully. It is recyclable and eco-friendly.

Silent tools

Hospital trolley should be silent, so the standard one equipped with silent rubber wheels. It moves without any noise and don’t disturb the patients. Also for the more sanitation, these tools have covers. The cover can disturb the silence, so the hospital trolleys have bumpers and door closer.

Various equipment

A hospital trolley should have various equipment to facilitate cleaning processes with high quality. Plastic resistant wheels without any trace is one of the equipment. The trolley also has some drawer to maintain material and tools.

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