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The filter of the vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is used for collecting or conveying dirt. One of the most important parts of the machine is the filter. So the buyer should be aware of different types of filters to improve the operation of the vacuum cleaner. In the article, we will describe the effectiveness of filter and available types of the filter.

Operation of vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaners are manufactured in the household, commercial and industrial categories. All of the models have the 3 main parts: motor, vacuum pump, and filter. The industrial vacuum cleaners are equipped with the more powerful pump and motor than the household and commercial models. The filter is responsible for capturing the fine dust and preventing come back dust into the environment. The collected dust and dirt are vacuumed into the hopper and the fine dirt is trapped inside the filter.

Primary and Secondary Filter

The vacuum cleaner especially the industrial one, uses two or more filter to trap the fine dirt. One filter acts as the main filter and others one is placed the parallel to the main filter. The secondary filters have often stronger filtration system. The HEPA filter is one of the most applicable secondary filters that trap at least 99 percent of fine dust 0.3 micrometers (µm) in diameter.

Filter cleaning techniques

After a while, the filter is clogged and the user should clean it. Some of the filters are disposable and therefore user should replace it. But some of the other filters can be cleaned and user use it several times. in some case, cleaning the filter should be done as the following:

۱.hand cleaning: commercial vacuum cleaners have the separable bag filter. After clogging, the filter can be removed and drained into the trash.

۲.shaker: user cleans some of the filters with a manual or electrical shaker. The shaker can remove the fine particle from the filter.

Filter types in terms of structure and appearance

Filters are available in 4 model pocket, bag, star and cartridge filter. The pocket filter cant is clean and the user should replace it after filling. The bag filter has a passageway to air and can be clean by air compressed. The star filter is used in the industrial vacuum cleaner and cleaned by manual shaker or air compressed. The cartridge filter is also used in the industrial vacuum cleaner. The filter can be clean by the manual shaker.

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