explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner

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Creating fine dust as a part of the waste, in the manufacturing industry is unavoidable. Although at first glance, the presence of these particles in the environment can be normal, but the presence of particles such as wood chips, particles of flour and cereals, chips, aluminum and gasoline vapors which are flammable case serious dangers, and lack of the proper and efficient collection, they can cause traumatic events such as explosions and fires. Hence, cleaning, collection and removal of these particles from the industrial environment is essential and have an important role in people’s health and responsibly reduces costs. As a device that plays an important role in the removal of combustible dust, can mention to explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner.

The feature of the explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

The explosion-proof vacuum device which is used to collect combustible dust, has a special design. In order to prevent an explosion, before marketing, these devices must be approved in some known laboratories, which follow the international standards such as NRLT. All internal and external components such as engines, filter and isolate the power switch and ignition are made of Anti-spark agents. In addition, they should be based on the anti-static technology (anti-static), to prevent the occurrence of sparks and explosion. International ATEX certified is an approval that the explosion-proof vacuum cleaner has a reliable performance and high safety.

Air powered vacuum cleaner

In lack of electric power, this model of the vacuum cleaner has a high performance because they have no motor system and work by air compressor and Venturi pump. Since the air compressor is far from the cleaning area, the explosion is impossible.


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