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Investigating and evaluating water pressure in industrial high pressure washer

When we are going to buy a high pressure washer, we should attend to model and designer of high pressure washer, work pressure rate, water debit, accessories, and material of hose and nozzle and … . Water debit is the most important factor in waterjet and the pressure of entrance water should be as same as the water debit rate of device. Difference between these two factors damage the device. For example if the water debit of high pressure washer device is 10 li/m, the debit of entrance water to this device must be 10 li/m.in this article we will teach you how to prevent high pressure water from take damage.

Cavitation in high pressure washer pump

Cavitation is the most common problem when pressure of water is less than we need. Entrance of Cavitation to pump cause several problem. Decrease in efficiency is the one of them. Increase cavitation in pump cause a lot of noise and create hard wave and high temperature at some point.

Reasons to form a water bubble

There is some reason to form water bubble. First and most common of these reason is increasing in water temperature. This temperature cause water to evaporate inside of pump. We shouldn’t increase temperature of entrance water and we should know about the rate of our device, some of them can take water with 60 centigrade degree and some of them must be between 20 or 30 centigrade degree. Other reason to form water bubble is entrance air in pump.

Finding the rate of entrance pressure of water

there is an easy way to find the pressure of entrance water for high pressure washer device. If your waterjet is electrical, need a 5.7 li bucket and if you’re high pressure washer work with gasoline, need a 20 li bucket and a timer. Put the bucket under water spout, if the 5.7 li bucket be full of water under 60sec, this bucket is suitable to use for high pressure washer and if the Three quarters of 20 li bucket be full of water under 60sec,this is suitable to use in high pressure washer work with gasoline.

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