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Automatic car wash cost benefit analysis

Today, due to the increase in population and the expansion of the number of vehicles, the use of various vehicles has become very popular in a way that directly affects the environment and climate. All cars, light and heavy, are themselves also exposed to the same pollution, which is a much more serious problem for public transport vehicles, because a large number of passengers daily use cars to transportation, which causes car contamination. This pollution, in addition to creating an inappropriate appearance for the car, will not have a good effect on the city and will also damage the body and surface of the vehicle. In addition to spreading the disease, the infected vehicle also transmits microbes and viruses among passengers in public vehicles. But washing with traditional methods has its drawbacks, which makes it hard for everybody. This article, titled “Automotive Car Wash Explanation”, describes how to manually clean the car by providing a modern solution to this problem.

Problems of washing the car by traditional way

-Low wash quality

-Long time waste

-High water and detergent consumption

-Damage to the color and body of the car

-Damage to the environment

Using automatic car wash for solve problems

Due to the problems posed to manually washing the car, it is best to use an automatic car wash system that not only solve the problems, but also has several advantages that will be explained in the next section. Automatic car wash is divided into two groups according to the type of application: urban car wash and heavy vehicles wash system. The automatic car wash has several stages of washing: pre-washing, washing, rinsing and finally drying; washing with all the surfaces of the car with foam and special brushes. These devices also have special brushes for washing the car rims.

Advantages of Automatic Car Wash

-High wash quality

-High wash speed

-Saving water and detergents

-Protecting the color and body of the car

-Environmentally friendly

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  1. سلام خسته نباشید
    واقعا خیلی جالب است قیمت این کارواش چقدره و فضای مورد استفاده از آن چقدره ؟
    ارادتمند شما : زهرا الهامی نژاد

    1. با عرض سلام
      دستگاه های کارواش اتوماتیک نسبت به قابلیت ها و امکاناتی که دارند رنج قیمت متفاوتی دارند. فضای مورد نیاز برای آن ها در حدود ۱۰ در ۵ متر می باشد. برای آگاهی بیشتر در مورد انواع دستگاه ها و قیمت آن ها با شماره ۸۷۱۸۴ تماس حاصل شود.

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