healthcare cleaning and disinfection by nobac floor scrubber dryer

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Health care is one of the main pillars in all countries of the world, and therefore hospitals, clinics, clinics, medical offices and in general all medical spaces should always be kept clean as standard. During the cleaning process of medical environments, in addition to the importance of improving the health and cleanliness of the environment, the health and safety of service personnel and other people present in the environment should be considered. Hospitals have a lot of traffic during the day and night, so the ground in these environments is highly polluted, and human resources have to spend a lot of time cleaning and washing the floor.

Mechanized cleaning machines such as hospital shoes that run on electricity or batteries are not only more efficient but also have higher stability and longevity, minimizing water, chemical and waste generation. Disinfecting the hospital with hospital shoes is used in all areas, including corridors, halls, hospital rooms, operating rooms, etc., and provides a healthier and safer environment as a floor care solution.

The importance of hospital disinfection

Medical environments need not only a simple cleaning and washing, but also a basic disinfection. The ground level in hospitals is the widest area to be cleaned. The hospital floor is contaminated with bacteria and viruses, the dust from the soles of shoes, the displacement of trolleys, the dumping of hospital waste, blood, and so on. There are germs and pathogens that are spread by patients and staff in the environment, some of which are easily combined with airborne dust, and others that remain on surfaces and between cracks and seams. These events demonstrate the importance and necessity of cleaning and disinfecting hospitals.

Hospital cleaning begins with simple solutions. The use of a vacuum cleaner and a hospital shoe machine in itself destroys a significant portion of microorganisms, and in addition, hospital disinfectants have a special place in eliminating nosocomial infections. Some of these solutions can be used in conjunction with industrial flooring.

The surface of the earth in medical centers is the cause of the transmission of many diseases; although the patient is not in direct contact with the earth, the movements and displacements scatter germs and bacteria in the air and transmit them to people.

In such a situation, having accurate and regular plans to clean and disinfect the hospital with hospital shoes should be a priority. During three working days, specialized antibacterial devices eliminate up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria and significantly help to improve the level of environmental health. Using conventional floor scrubber dryer with detergents and disinfectants can be another way to disinfect hospitals.


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